Identification and Monitoring of Complex Networks Using Adaptive Observer

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Complex networks are ubiquitous in our life. The Internet, power systems, biological neural networks, and even human communities are just a few examples. During the last decade, a blossoming of research in this area has been witnessed in different disciplines, including electronic engineering, information technology, social science, and biology, while more accurate modelling, better understanding, and more detailed analysis of such complex networks have been promoted.This project focuses on developing a methodology for identifying the exact topology of a complex network, and monitoring the connectivity of its nodes. By building an adaptive observer system for the complex network, the network topology can be identified, even with some unknown node parameters and disturbances. The success of this project will not only improve the model of the underlying complex network, but also be useful for monitoring the targeted network and reporting the occurrence of connection failures.Some real-world complex networks, mainly power system networks and biological neural networks will be considered. The proposed method will be applied for achieving fault detection of power system networks, improving biological neural models, and providing better understanding of such power and biological networks under learning dynamics.


Project number9041257
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/0827/08/10