Human Anatomy Learning Goes 3-D

Project: ResearchTDG(CityU)

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Human Anatomy is the study of structures of the human body. Human Anatomy has always been regarded as a difficult subject by students as there are many organs in our body that serve different functions. The nomenclature and terminology of these organs and organ parts are modified from Latin and are often difficult to pronounce and remember. Furthermore, these different body organs are located in different parts of our body or body cavities which cannot be illustrated well on 2-D diagrams. Learning body organs in 3-D format can allow students to have more impressive and remarkable understandings of these body organs in relation to other structures in the body. Furthermore, students given hands-on experience in handling and dissecting 3-D organ structures will offer them more incentives in pro-active learning compared with just learning the terminology of the structures in the classroom. This project will apply elements of discovery-enriched curriculum (DEC) and involve students in the making of 3-D images from body organs, dissection for macroscopic examination, labeling these organs and organ parts, and indicating the functions of these organs by putting on information tags and hyperlink to the images.


Project number6000663
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