How Gamification Increases Knowledge Contribution in Organizations: Conceptualizing Meaningful Engagement

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As a new paradigm to encourage employees to participate in knowledge contribution in the workplace, many organizations have introduced gamification-the use of game elements in non-game contexts-into their existing enterprise collaboration systems (ECSs). Although enterprise gamification intends to change employee behavior by game-like dynamics to existing ECSs, researchers have argued that gamified ECSs should not rely merely on hedonic user experiences; it should also create an avenue for finding meaningful connections between users and system use. The lack of meaningful engagement with a gamified ECS has been suggested as the main gamification failure factor. However, little is known about what meaningful engagement is exactly, how it arises, and how it plays a role in predicting employee knowledge contribution. To fill these gaps, this research seeks to (1) conceptualize meaningful engagement, (2) develop a scale for measuring the construct, and (3) evaluate its validity and reliability.


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