How Do Novice Academics and Experienced Academics Interact with Audience in Computer Science Conference Discussion Sessions?

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Conference discussion sessions can turn out to be a challenging encounter for academics as unpredictable comments or questions can leave the presenter underprepared. Speakers have to make situationally appropriate responses to defend their research, persuade the audience, and manage interpersonal relationships. This is even more difficult for novice researchers as they socialize into such academic discourse, particularly those who are EFL speakers, because of the scant attention given to this discourse and a shortage of pedagogical materials. This study therefore attempts to bridge the gap by investigating the verbal interactive repertoire needed (i.e., used by experienced academics) in computer science conference discussion sessions but unacquired by novice academics. The identified features can be implemented into instructional materials for computer science PhD students in order to help them understand the communicative context as well as develop the skills to professionally articulate contextually situated arguments, manage interpersonal relationship and be self-confident.


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