Housing and Hong Kong's Post-80s Generation: Attitudes, Aspirations and Future Trajectories

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The experiences, attitudes and aspirations of Hong Kong`s younger generations have become increasingly prominent academic, policy and popular concerns. In the transition from dependence to independence, from school to work, from childhood to adulthood, housing plays a pivotal role. Access to affordable and satisfactory accommodation affects patterns of departure from the parental home, household formation, marriage rates, fertility rates and has broader impacts on intergenerational relations and the social structure. Differential patterns of access to housing can also create divisions and differences in terms of lifestyles, living standards and general life chances within the younger generations. These issues have strong international resonance as young people face more challenges in housing and labour markets across the world. This project will explore these issues in the context of Hong Kong but set within this broader international context.The project will employ a mixed methodology of secondary analysis of census data with social survey and focus groups to examine housing circumstances, expectations and constraints among different groups within the 18-35 age range.


Project number9041696
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/1210/12/15