Hong Kong Mock Jurors' Perceptions of Court Evidence

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The jury is an important decision-making body in the criminal justice system, and the competence in having lay people determining guilt is often subject to criticisms. Much of the criticisms are focused on the existence of extra-legal factors, such as pretrial publicity effects, and the impact of inadmissible evidence. In particular, scepticisms have been raised regarding jurors’ fact-finding abilities in the context of technological development, as in recent decades the police have increasingly used scientific methods, such as DNA and fingerprint analyses, in their investigations. Based on a sample of 1,200 potential jurors selected by Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing, the study explores their perceptions of the weight and persuasiveness of all types of evidence, including scientific evidence, real and inadmissible evidence, and the existence of CSI effect on their decision. Moreover, whether the jury system should be expanded to the District Courts of Hong Kong will be examined.


Project number7002648
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/05/1128/11/13