Hong Kong in Transit: A Web-Based Platform for Student Travel Writing

Project: Research

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Over the past five years, the Department of English has offered the course GE2408: Travel Writing Discovery and Experience as an English Specific Gateway Education subject. In this course, students write different types of travel texts including forms of professional writing, creative non-fiction, and informative texts on aspects of local history. While building writing and critical thinking skills, this course is also designed to foster a global and international outlook. In GE2408 students also explore historical dimensions of travel writing from diverse global locations and discuss critical issues to do with writing across social and cultural boundaries. This project will provide a space for students to publish their work while also offering pedagogical support for students to improve their writing and research skills. While instilling young writers with a sense of belonging within a community of practice, the proposed website ‘Hong Kong in Transit’ will also provide a way for students to experience the publishing process, hone writing skills, and share their discoveries with a larger audience.


Project number6000619
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/05/1731/01/19