Historical Frontiers: A Study of the May Fourth Spiritual Interpretation and Development in the Context of Hong Kong

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Employing a multi-level study approach, this project probes into how the May Fourth was developed in Hong Kong so as to gain insights into the significance of May Fourth in modern and contemporary Chinese history. By reviewing how the spirit of May Fourth was interpreted differently, a better understanding of how Hong Kong and China were interrelated in politics, academics and culture can be obtained. This will eventually help look into the vein of Hong Kong cultural development. In brief, studying how May Fourth has developed and been interpreted in Hong Kong, a "Fringe Area" (contrary to large and central cities like Beijing and Shanghai) will help one understand the actual influence, meaning of existence and historical significance of May Fourth for modern Chinese history. Studying May Fourth from a Hong Kong perspective will provide one more angle to look into Hong Kong's social, cultural, political and academic development which in turn will allow scholars to acquire more resources and background information on the development of Hong Kong's intellectual groups, non-government art associations and publishers.本計劃透過研究五四精神在香港的詮釋及發展情況,多層次觀察五四在中國 現、當代史上的歷史意義,並藉其精神價值在香港的多面相詮釋,了解中、港 兩地百年來在政治、學術與文化諸方面相互影響的地方,進而觀察香港文化發 展的思想脈絡。進言之,從五四研究角度觀之,於北京、上海等中心大城市外 的「邊緣」地區觀察五四發展歷程與詮釋結果,將能深刻體現它在現代中國的 影響力、思想意義與歷史價值;從香港研究角度觀之,探討它在香港的發展則 能為我們提供多一個視角觀察香港百年來的社會文化、政治環境、學術思想諸 方面的發展情況,這些將有助於掌握香港知識群體、民間文藝團體和出版機構 等在發展過程中的各種背後思想資源。


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