High-throughput Nano/Micro Topography Screening for Neuroregenerative Factors

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The nervous system has a complex three-dimensional structure with topographical features spanning a large spectrum of morphologies and scales. High-level nervous system behaviors such as personality, reflex, and memory represent an integration of factors spanning an extraordinarily wide range of spatial and temporal scales. A thorough understanding about the mechanisms by which topography affects neural cells functions can lead to promising solutions to the invention of functional mimetic biomaterials or devices for treating various neurodegenerative diseases. Here, we propose this interdisciplinary project to systematically study the interaction between topography and cells from the central nervous system. A large library of various topography features from nano to micro scales will be firstly established by the state-of-art nano-/micro fabrication techniques and presented to primary neural cells, including neuronal and glial cells. In combination with our autonomous imaging and processing techniques, we will perform a large scale, high-throughput screening for topographical cues that can specifically promote/inhibit various neuronal/glial functions, which can be further applied to engineer guidance conduits with precise surface topographies for neuroregenerative applications.


Project number7003022
Grant typeSG
Effective start/end date1/04/1325/03/15