High-power High-voltage Dual-ion Batteries For Electric Vehicle Charges

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In the 2017 Policy Address, Hong Kong Government has committed to combat climatechange by reducing carbon emission from 2005 level by up to 70% by 2030. Theadoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is one key method to achieve the goal and improveroadside air quality. Despite the government's push on "EV-charging-enabling" in newbuilding developments, charging stations are still insufficient as older buildings were notdesigned with enough power to support multiple EV charging. To overcome the issue, weplan to develop a novel high-power battery system to be installed in older buildings, tostore excess electricity during low building demand, and release for EV charging withoutdisrupting electricity service to occupants.The enabling technology is based on a "dual-ion battery" (DIB) concept, where two typesof ions move simultaneously in the battery, instead of just one as in lithium-ion batteries(LIB). Our novel DIB with a voltage of about 4.5V is expected to give higher powerdensity than LIB and higher energy density than redox flow batteries. Since graphite canbe used as material in both electrodes, the cost of the battery is expected to be low. It isalso non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


Project number9440181
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Effective start/end date1/01/1830/06/19