High-Performance and Large-Area Nanomaterials-based Absorbents for Oil Spill Cleanup and their Effects to Aquatic Environment

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This project aims to (i) enhance the oil absorption performance of nanomaterials-based absorbents by growing functionalized nanomaterials on the microporous skeleton; (ii) scale up the size of the oil absorbents for commercial applications, and (iii) study the environmental impacts on aquatic organisms. ZnO, TiO2, ZnSe, CuSe, etc, nanowires would be grown on either microporous Ni or polymeric template. The oil spill cleanup performance, recyclability and scalability of these oil absorbents will be evaluated. Our goal is to develop large-area and high-performance nanoporous absorbents to effectively absorb oils for commercial uses in oil spill cleanup, water treatment and industrial routine oil filtering. The absorbent is targeted for absorbing at least 30 times its weight of oil with a volume larger than 500 cm3. Furthermore, we will investigate the storage stability and potential influences of these nanoporous materials in aquatic organisms. The ecotoxicological effects of these materials will also be studied by model organisms. Our aims are to develop nanoporous absorbent with better oil sorbed capability than the current commercial products, be safe to human-being and marine organisms, allow the reuse of oil easily, and effectively relieve/recover the marine environment from oil spill / leakage.


Project number9440091
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/11/1231/10/14