High Performance Inorganic Nanowires Based Flexible TFT Array for Smart Sensors

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As compared to amorphous and organic thin-film transistors (TFTs), parallel arrays of inorganic semiconductor nanowire assembled on plastics have been extensively investigated for the high performance and high value applications in electronics, displays, sensors, etc., due to the superior electrical properties, mechanical flexibility, robustness and high sensitivity to environmental condition changes of inorganic nanowires. Notably, various types of nanowires can be heterogeneously integrated to combine different device functionalities into one single platform such as smart sensors that can respond and process multiple types of physical and chemical stimuli, transistors and logic gates that can process analogue and digital signals. However, many challenges still remain in understanding the fundamental properties, controlling the synthesis and assembly, detailed device characterization and establishing the performance limits of the integrated sensor system based on these nanowires. In this project, we will develop a macroscale inorganic nanowires based high performance flexible TFT array technology platform. As a prototype testing, we aim to achieve the robust and energy efficient smart sensor array with a fast response and high degree of sensitivity that can be operated reliably and durably in a broad range of conditions.


Project number9610214
Grant typeAPR
Effective start/end date1/01/1210/04/14