High Efficiency-multifunction-green-vertical Municipal Wastewater Treatment System: Development and Demonstration

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Based on our deep collaboration with experts in Xiamen University and Shenzhen Bureau of Inspection and Quarantine, the present study aims to develop an innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly municipal wastewater treatment system. It integrates different physico-chemical processes including magnetic flocculation, electrolysis and membrane separation and biological processes (e.g. immobilized live cells and constructed wetlands) to remove and recover heavy metals, biodegrade organic matter, toxic and persistent organic pollutants (POPs). The efficiency of each treatment process will be optimized and the mechanisms will be elucidated through a series of laboratory studies. A pilot plant with all treatment processes arranged vertically in an enclosed tower will then be constructed. The treatment efficiency will be monitored and the toxicity of the effluent from each process will be determined by Microtox. The treated effluent will be further polished by constructed wetlands in its surroundings for water reuse and recycle. The whole study attempts to combine wastewater treatment facility (something nobody wants to be around with as it is often believed to be smelly) with recreational and educational purposes, thus local inhabitants will have a better understanding on wastewater treatment processes and importance of water conservation.


Project number9440069
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/06/0931/08/11