Group Research on Interfacial Biology (GRIB)

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Interfacial biology brings together the diverse disciplines of chemistry, molecular biology, material science, nanotechnology and engineering. In many biomedical topics, research efforts are greatly dependent upon chemical reactions and biophysical interactions at surfaces. This is especially important in testing the efficacy and safety of drugs and interventional devices since most biological reactions occur either near physical and chemical surfaces, or near the surfaces of proteins, enzymes or cellular membranes. In other words, this research field focuses on chemical and biophysical interactions with interfaces at the nano or molecular scale. By optimizing how cells or organisms interact with chemicals and physically engineered surfaces/devices, we can begin to explore potential novel hybrid systems for biomedical monitoring and interventions. The long term deliverables will be hybrid systems which are biologically compatible, biologically powered or triggered, or even nanoscale devices that trigger biological responses. This hybrid approach could greatly benefit bio-imaging, drug delivery or prosthetics research that rely on the complex interfacing at the chemical-physical-biological interface.


Project number9360128
Grant typeOTHERS
Effective start/end date1/06/088/03/12