Green Building (GB) and Smart City Development in Hyper-dense Urban Environment - RMGS

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With rapid urbanization, building energy consumption and carbon emission represent significant challenges to sustainable development. Many experts have researched building energy conservation and building systems performance; however, advanced GB research is needed to improve hyper-density urban sustainability under the rapid development mode. This research will focus on green building technologies and sustainable design strategies, such as net-zero energy/carbon and performance-based analysis, to integrate smart city technologies for improving the liveability of the hyper-dense urban environment. This research outcome will provide the database and reference for professional practice implementation, green building technologies innovations, GB standard reinvention, and technical reports, which will benefit Hong Kong and extend the effectiveness and value to the Greater Bay Area (GBA).


Project number9229072
Grant typeDON_RMG
Effective start/end date1/07/21 → …