Global Illumination for Mobile Devices

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Objectives:Lighting effects are important components in many multimedia applications, such as mobile game, Virtual Reality (VR),Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) applications, e.g., virtual tour, virtual meetings, smartglasses, etc. Although ray tracing can provide good visual results for high quality lighting effects, the computational loading of ray tracing is too heavy which isnot suitable to mobile devices. This project aims at developing and realizing a rendering framework that produces high quality lighting effects on mobile devices in real-time.R&D Methodology:The framework is based on the vectorized visibility algorithm developed by Project Coordinator (see Annexes 3-5). With the vectorized visibility framework, we can provide high quality lighting effects. In addition, in order to handle animated 30 models, a new algorithm will be developed to synthesize vectorized visibilities in realtime.Impact and Benefits:1. With our framework, App companies can realize the highest quality lighting effects on mobile devices in real-time.2. Enhance the visual quality of VR, AR and MR applications significantly.3. Reduce the hardware requirement on mobile devices, as well as, saving the power consumption.


Project number9440330
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date17/10/22 → …