Further Investigation of Machining Toolpath Generation for Moulds and Dies that are Designed by Subdivision Surfaces

Project: Research

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  • Chung Lun Eric LI (Principal Investigator)


Subdivision surfaces are gaining popularity in computer graphics and geometric modelling because of their ability to represent free-form shapes with arbitrary topology. As it is anticipated that more CAD models will be constructed with subdivision surfaces, it is necessary to develop appropriate tools to support the manufacturing activities of such CAD models. In one of the investigators’ on-going research projects, a new toolpath generation algorithm for subdivision surfaces is being developed. This new project aims to further the current research by extending the toolpath generation algorithm with the capability for island avoidance. This project will also investigate an alternative technique that may enhance the efficiency of toolpath generation on subdivision surfaces and the quality of the toolpath. It is anticipated that the outcome of this research will contribute towards the development of CAM tools for subdivision surfaces.


Project number7002124
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0729/12/09