Filmovation :Creative Mini-movie Platform for Ethics Education to Engineering Students/Industries

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The trust placed for the engineers by clients and the industrymust never be taken for granted. The responsibility for ethicalbehavior must be taken seriously — by everyone, at every levelof the organization. While the inherent risks in our industries,the potential for business failure, or the possibility of human mistakes cannot be entirely eliminated,our engineering professionals can, should, and must be required to conduct themselves honestly, andin accordance with applicable professional standards. Ethics has become an increasingly importantissue within engineering as the profession has become progressively morecomplex. The need to integrate ethics into any engineering curriculum (not onlyCivil and Construction Engineering, and also manufacturing, etc.) is welldocumented, as education does not often sufficiently prepare engineers for theethical conflicts they experience. Recent research indicates that there is greatdiversity in the way institutions approach the problem of teaching ethics toundergraduate engineering students; some universities require students to take general ethics coursesfrom philosophical or religious perspectives, while others integrate ethics in existing engineeringcourses. The purpose of the proposed platform (Film + Innovation) = Filmovation, a series of EthicsMini-movies is to propose a video-on-web platform to implement the integration of ethics inengineering education that is pedagogically based on Kohlberg’s stage theory of moral development.Based on the proposed DEC training workshops in tutorials and lectures, and making uses with thedeveloped resources of the Ethics Educational Material (developed by the project team), one crossdisciplineFilmovation 2020 : Competition of Best Ethics Mini-movies will be held at 2018-2019 or2019-2020 and open for all engineering students at CityU. The final product can be delivered with the3 helps with Hong Kong Institutes of Engineers (HKIE), HKICA and ICAC to the whole construction& civil engineering curriculum and the industry!


Project number6000634
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/01/1830/06/19