Fatigue Bond Behavior between FRP and Concrete under Different Bonding Systems

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The use of fibre-reinforced-polymer (FRP) materials for structural repair and strengthening has become renowned among engineers all over the world. The research community has made great progress identifying and quantifying the bond characteristics of FRP materials used in retrofitting applications. During the last decade, several FRP bond tests have been carried out for various strengthening methods, contributing to the knowledge base in this area; however, the use of FRP materials in retrofitting is still in its infancy, and a number of issues remain to be adequately addressed. The durability of the bond performance is identified as one of the primary concerns, especially for a newly developed HB-FRP bond system. This investigation aims to assess the fatigue bond behaviour between FRP and concrete under different bonding systems. The focus is placed on the comparison of various bond systems and identification of systems that have a better fatigue resistance.


Project number7002328
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/084/02/10