Exploring the Mechanism of Relational Governance: Its Structures, Processes, and Effects on Buyer’s Costs

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Relational governance, a collaborative mechanism governing acceptable behaviours between channel members, is critical to the success of marketing channel management. Despite the increasing prominence of research on relational governance, its structures, processes, and economic consequences are still inadequately addressed. To reduce this significant gap, this project first intends to uncover both economic and social driving forces of relational governance. Furthermore, instead of treating relational governance as either a single-factor construct or a composite scale, the researchers will decompose it into three underlying dimensions—joint planning, joint problem solving, and collaborative communication—and explore the working mechanisms among the three components. Finally, the researchers will examine the effects of relational governance on a buyer’s direct and indirect costs.


Project number7002165
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/078/04/10