Exploring Peripheralisation and Residualisation in Hong Kong's Public Rental Housing: New Policy Challenges

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This research is designed to investigate the changing social composition of the public rental housing sector in Hong Kong. The trend towards, and implications of, public or social housing becoming more closely associated with the poorest sections of society has been observed and investigated in a number of countries. This research will examine and analyse the extent to which similar trends are underway in Hong Kong. In doing so, it will investigate whether significant differences are emerging within the sector itself in terms of the social characteristics of the tenant population, whether there are spatially concentrated 'pockets' of disadvantage developing and how public rental housing is experienced by residents and how that may vary across the sector. The primary aim is to anticipate new challenges which may lie ahead for policymakers and to explore potential policy options.The research uses a combination of Census analysis (drawing on new data from the 2006 Census), telephone social survey, focus groups and in depth interviews.


Project number9056001
Grant typePPR
Effective start/end date1/10/098/12/11