Exploring Chinese Humor and Its Implications for Enhancing Subjective Well-Being and Coping in Chinese Society

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Humor refers to a playful frame of mind that gives people a feeling of subjective wellbeing as well as a relief of pain feeling. Humour has been despised by Chinese culture and has rarely studied in Chinese society. This study will examine how humour affects coping and subjective-welling among a sample of young people in Hong Kong and China. It will examine the following three interrelated questions:how humor is perceived by Chinese people;how humor is related to coping and subjective well-being in Chinese society;how use of humor may enhance and subjective well-being in Chinese society.This project will use both qualitative and quantitative methods in its research design. It will try to:make a significant contribution to research literature ofhumor in Chinese societies, andshed light on development of community or school-based programs that seek to promote humor in everyday life.


Project number7002399
Grant typeSRG-Fd
Effective start/end date1/11/0811/03/11