Experimental Study on Extension of Stabilized Range of Diamagnetic Levitation

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Since the realization of the passive diamagnetic levitation, its practical impact is relatively small. This is mainly due to the force and stability provided by the diamagnetic materials not being strong enough, thus not attractive for applications. Nevertheless, the recent boom in nano- and pico-technology which is characterized with extremely small magnitude of forces leads to broad application potentials of the passive diamagnetic levitation in the field. Another important issue is the stabilized range of the diamagnetic levitation. There is still little research being done on that except some theoretical works. The project is thus proposed to fill the hole through experimental studies. The main aim is to find out the conditions for providing longer stabilized range of diamagnetic levitation.


Project number7002457
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0911/02/11