Evaluation of Adsorption Cooling for Trigeneration in Building Application

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Cooling, heating and electric power are necessary for various human activities inbuildings. In urban cities, these essential needs are separately served by the centralsupplies of power and gas. With the growing concern of energy efficiency in powergeneration through utilization of waste heat, trigeneration would recover that to offercooling and heating together, along with electricity for building applications.Adsorption cooling is a heat-driven process to make use of adsorption/desorptioncycle to generate cooling effect. In the previous studies, it mainly applies silica gel asthe solid absorbent to handle the refrigerant water. Therefore, this study aims toevaluate the thermodynamic and adsorption characteristics of other possibleabsorbents which can be energized by low-temperature heat source. The energy andenvironmental performances of trigeneration with adsorption cooling would bethoroughly evaluated, so that the potential of further development can be identified.


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