Establishment of an in Vitro Co-culture System for Studying Synapse Formation in Primary Neuron and Muscle Cell

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Our daily life activities are mediated by millions of chemical reactions between neurons at synapses. Synapse, is a structure in which neurons communicate with each other. Successful synapse formation (synaptogenesis) between regenerating axons, skin and muscle is crucial for optimal sensory and motor functional recovery after peripheral nerve injury. The central nervous system (CNS) including brain and spinal cord conveys these chemical signals to the rest of body through the peripheral nervous system (PNS). Severe damage to peripheral nerve interrupts the connection between CNS and PNS leading to permanent disorders of our sensation and locomotion, which affects patient’s quality of life. Our recent findings showed that synapse formation is critical for successful functional recovery, however, studies on synaptogenesis is very limited due to the lack of well-defined and relevant cell culture model system for PNS. In current proposal, we plan to establish a primary neuron/skeletal muscle cell (freshly isolated from mice) and cell lines co-culture system to examine synaptogenesis after peripheral nerve injuries using a microchip system for synapse quantification. Synaptogenesis study on cell culture dish is more accessible than in vivo animal study. Current study will shed light on the temporal courses of synaptogenesis after peripheral nerve injury.


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Effective start/end date1/04/1329/12/14