Enhancing University Students' Well-being and Positive Learning Experiences - Application of Positive Education

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The proposed project aims to increase the knowledge and understanding of Positive Education; enhance the positive emotions, positive relationships, positive purpose, positive accomplishment, positive engagement, and positive health of tertiary students; build an atmosphere with a focus on the well-being and positive development of students in the tertiary setting; and spread the message of Positive Education in the local community. The project will be guided by a six-level pedagogy described as “learn it,” “live it,” “reflect it,” “conceptualize it,” “apply it,” and “embed it.” Tertiary students will “learn” Positive Education and “live” it out in their daily lives. They will be assisted to “reflect” and further “conceptualize” their learning experiences and “apply” their knowledge in designing and conducting Positive Education programs. A Positive Education atmosphere will also be “embedded” in the tertiary setting through concerned activities. Four Hong Kong universities (CityU, HKU, CUHK and HKBU) will work collaboratively to achieve the project goals. The project will be organized in three phases, with each phase lasting for a year. Training camps, reflection and consolidation camps, campus promotion, inter-institutional Positive Education Day, Positive Education projects, and International Positive Education Conference will be organized to facilitate the experiential learning, reflection, conceptualization, and experimentation of students. A Positive Education website will also be produced to disseminate the message. The project has the potential to achieve a paradigm shift in tertiary education to focus on the positive strengths and whole-person development of students. The innovative idea of the project is its six-level pedagogy, which guides students through a systematic and contextual learning cycle, thereby enhancing their understanding, assimilation, and application of Positive Education. The project will benefit 600 university students by romoting their positive wellbeing and growth, 120 academic staff by facilitating their tegration of Positive Education in teaching, and 5,000 people at campuses or in the munity by increasing their knowledge and understanding of Positive Education. Project teaching activities and student projects can be compiled and incorporated as ching materials in our General Education courses and, hopefully, be developed into a General Education course in different universities.


Project number6390200
Grant typeTLF(UGC)
Effective start/end date1/07/17 → …