Enhancing the Ability of Fault Diagnosis for Multi-wire Steel Strands Used in Supporting Heavy Structures through Advanced Guided Waves and a Novel NOFRF Method

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Multi-wire steel strands are critical components for supporting heavy structures such as bridges, cable cars, and buildings. They are subjected to corrosion, fatigue, and wear. Without prompt treatment, such deteriorations may result in sudden structure collapses and even human casualties. However, the available monitoring methods are both ineffective and tedious to apply. In this project, the researchers will develop a fault diagnostic system for stands through the introduction of an advanced guided-wave technique and a novel method called the nonlinear output frequency response function (NOFRF). The guided wave is an innovative ultrasonic inspection method as it can propagate inside a strand over a long distance with small energy attenuation. The researchers will develop a guided-wave-based transduction system for monitoring steel strands. Any discontinuity and nonlinearity created by faults existing in the monitored strand will be detectable. They will then use NOFRF to analyze the collected wave signals for robust fault diagnosis.


Project number7002326
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0822/07/10