Enhancing Quality of Life of Elders with Dementia in Care and Attention Homes through a Facilities Management Model

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Facilities management (FM) integrates multidisciplinary sciences, including design-related knowledge, behavioral sciences, and property operation/maintenance. Due to the unique characteristics of demented elderly (DEs), their daily life and activities differ greatly from those of the general elderly population. Hence, the current study aims to improve the DEs’ quality of life (QoL) through FM in C&A homes. Its objectives are to: (1) update the literature and fine-tune the conceptual model for DEs; (2) factorize the FM(Dementia) components in C&A homes and the QoL indicators for the particular needs of DEs; (3) establish the relationships between the FM(D) components and QoL; (4) develop an integrated FM(D)-QoL model; and (5) propose FM(D) guidelines for enhancing DEs’ QoL. The findings can help professionals (e.g., architects, building services engineers, facilities managers, etc.) to improve FM needs; to plan specific design, operation, and renovation of C&A homes; and to enhance the QoL of DEs in the long-term.


Project number9042498
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/1815/12/22