Enhancing Mainland Students' Acculturation in Hong Kong

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This project seeks to examine how acculturation and its related factors help Mainlandstudents to study/live well in Hong Kong. Hopefully, the findings derived from findings ofpresent study could help to understand/enhance acculturation of Mainland students as well asother international students studying in Hong Kong. It serves a dual-role in its research design:(1) to examine the relationship between acculturation stress and socio-cultural competence andpsychological wellbeing, and (2) to prescribe effective ways of mindfulness to help mainlandstudents to achieve academic and occupational successes. This study has the potential to bereplicated for other non-local student bodies (e.g., students from Australia, Europe, and NorthAmerica) to meet the increasing challenges of globalization of education in Hong Kong.


Project number7004750
Grant typeSRG-Fd
Effective start/end date1/09/1621/12/18