Enhancing Design Firms' Performance in Handling Green Building Projects through Integration Strategies

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'Green Building' is strongly encouraged by Hong Kong’s government. The development of green building provides expanding opportunities for Hong Kong’s design firms. To survive and develop in Hong Kong's green construction market, design firms have to identify appropriate strategies to enhance their performance, while the core is to adopt integration approach to provide environmental-friendly product. Inspired by strategic management principles, design firms should utilize integration to create advantages in market, thereby achieve good performance. In this project, integration is of four dimensions: design integration (via integrated design), customer integration, supply chain integration, and social integration. Design firm advantages consist of cost savings, green quality, and innovative production.As design firms attempt to create their integrated environments, two problems emerge from the inherent separation of design and production stages of construction industry. Firstly, in the context of create advantages, will a high level of “design integration” lead to higher levels of “customer integration” and “supply chain integration”, and thereby create competitive position in market? Secondly, what is the role of integration based on no-economic activities (social integration in this project), in creating integration environment?To address above problems, this research aims to investigate and test the potential of integration as a strategy for design firms to enhance performance in Hong Kong's green construction market. The objectives are to: (i) develop and test a conceptual framework to increase design firms’ performance through design, social, supply chain and customer integration (integrative factors) in green advantages (costing savings, green quality and innovation); (ii) investigate the extent to which integrative factors lead to higher green advantages; (iii) examine whether green advantages lead to better design firms’ performance; and (iv) design a decision support system to enable a design firm’s performance and green advantage to be predicted.The population of this study are building design firms in Hong Kong, who deal with developers, contractors, government regulatory bodies, users and materials suppliers. Simple random sample method will be employed to select building design firms that have designed green building projects in Hong Kong.The data collection instrument will be a structured questionnaire, utilizing email survey and face-to-face interviews. Structural equation modeling will be adopted to develop and test the models. A decision support system for practitioners and academics on how to enhance integration, and finally to achieve good performance in Hong Kong's green construction, will be developed.


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