Engaging Students in Lectures through Peer Instruction

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It is well known that the mode of learning is quite passive in lectures. As student participation is important for quality learning, methods are developed for engaging students in lectures. A well-tested and widely adopted method is Peer Instruction. The method uses conceptual questions during lectures to engage students in active discussion with their neighbors, through which the students can practice critical and analytical thinking skills. This can deepen the students’ understanding of the course content and thus enhance the learning outcomes. This technique is particularly suitable for physics teaching as problems solving skills of physics are based on the understanding of a set of abstract concepts. The method is known to be effective through some rigorous analysis. Nevertheless, it has not been adopted in Hong Kong. One of the obstacles to be overcome for its adoption in Hong Kong is the students’ resistance to changes. We therefore plan to adopt a hybrid method of Peer Instruction and traditional lecturing for teaching general physics course in the college requirement. We will study the effectiveness of the hybrid method and the data collected will be useful guidelines for adopting the method in Hong Kong.


Project number6980118
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Effective start/end date1/12/1431/12/15