Enabling Real-Time Detection of the Growth of Protein Adsorption Layer with Simulated Synovial Fluids

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The proposed work aims at developing a test method for real-time detecting the growth of the adsorption layer with simulated synovial fluids on conformal lubricated contacts, and studying the effect of the adsorption layer on lubrication. The conformal contact type is chosen in this work because it simulates closer to the contact of human joints than the non-conformal contact type. The fluid film is measured using optical interferometry. Because of the differences in reflective index of the adsorption layer and the based fluid, the adsorption film can be detected. It is known that tribo-pairs lubricated with synovial fluids would have adsorption of macromolecular components on the lubricated surface, and the adsorption layer has positive effect on lubrication. How and how fast the adsorption layer can be formed are critical to its lubrication effect. The new test rig will provide direction observation on the formation and growth of the adsorption layer.


Project number7002747
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/05/1212/03/14