Electronic Sensor Array with Sensitive and Selective Detection of Amines for Food Safety

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The detection of the neutral biogenic amines is of particular interest due to their importance in areas ranging from clinical diagnostics to quality control of food products. Traditional methods of detecting biogenic amines include enzyme sensors and antibody sensors are not good candidates for use in food quality control applications where cheap and disposable sensors are necessary. Therefore, a low cost solution for amine sensing is of great interest. Thin film based sensors are getting a lot of interest due to its high sensitivity, selectivity and simple device fabrication process, and they have great potential to be printed in large areas to reduce the fabrication cost. In this proposal, we present a novel method to fabricate electronic sensors based on selective bonding Interaction in vapour phase to detect amines. This novel sensor can be used to detect extremely low levels (ppb) of target amines, thus provide a cost-effective, accurate and reliable means for the amine detection for food safety.


Project number9440128
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/06/1530/11/16