Electrochemically Treated Commercial Metal Meshes for Low-cost Supercapacitor Electrodes of Large Surface Areas

Project: ResearchARG

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Metal meshes are a type of commercially available porous metallic framework that holds great promise for various applications for their high thermal and electrical conductivities, light weight, attractive mechanical properties and low cost. However, the low surface area of current metal meshes has largely limited their performance and applications, particularly as supporting frameworks/charge collectors for supercapacitor electrodes. On the other hand, there is a lack of efficient and economical methods to effectively increase the surface area of metal meshes. Here we propose a facile solution-based method that can roughen the metal meshes through simple and low-cost treatments to greatly increase its specific surface area. As charge collectors/supporting substrates, the advanced metal meshes thus obtained will enable superior-performance super-capacitor electrodes.


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