Effects of Product Reviews and Web Advertisement Cues on Consumer Procurement

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Product review websites (e.g., epinions.com in the US, openrice.com in Hong Kong and dianping.com in China) are Internet-based platforms providing easy access for consumers to share their review comments on products or services. Prior research on product review websites has customarily focused on the effects of different aspects of review information such as credibility. However, the investigation on how merchants can proactively leverage on these websites to initiate advertising expeditions remains limited. To this end, merchants can employ two types of advertisements on these websites, namely advertisements focusing on communicating information cue (e.g., advertising banner); and incentive cue (e.g., product discount coupon). This project seeks to answer the question of “How can merchants leverage on product review websites to generate sales?” and more specifically, “Are the different types of cue, which may be employed by merchants, effective in generating sales, and how?” To answer these questions, this project will consist of two parts. Part one focuses on deriving a theoretical model of product review website features and subsequently conducting a pilot study within a small, well-defined area (i.e., university campus) in Hong Kong in Year 1. Part two will be to conduct a large-scale field study in Mainland China in Year 2.


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Effective start/end date1/05/117/03/14