Dynamical Processes in Graphene Nanostructures

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There is currently a very strong interest in the properties of graphene and graphene nanostructures. This is motivated by graphene's special electron band structure. Electrons in graphene behave like massless Dirac Fermions with linear dispersion, i.e. a linear dependence of the electron energy on the wave vector, which is not found in other electronic materials. The special band structure gives rise to novel physical phenomena as well as novel device applications. Klein tunneling and the valley polarization are two examples which motivate a number of studies recently. In Klein tunneling, electrons in graphene can tunnel through a barrier with perfect transmission. The valley polarization in a graphene structure has been proposed as an information carrier, working in a way analogous to electron spin in spintronic devices. To exploit these special characteristics, strong research effort has been focused on techniques for fabricating graphene nanostructures, as well as experimental and theoretical studies of transport processes in graphene nanostructures. Despite the strong interest, time-dependent transport processes and transport dynamics have not received sufficient attention. The understanding of dynamical transport processes in graphene nanostructures is crucial to the development of graphene devices as devices are expected to process alternating signals. For example, to know the operation speed of a device, it is necessary to understand how fast a device can response to a change in the applied voltage and how fast an electron can travel through the nanostructure. Moreover, it is useful for novel device development to know how the transport characteristics are changed by ac signals. In this project, the researchers want to study the dynamics of transport processes in graphene nanostructures. They want to understand how the dynamical transport processes in a graphene nanostructure are affected by the structural parameters and the physical characteristics of graphene.


Project number9041428
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/09/0916/02/12