Dynamic Rectangle Routing for Multicast/Anycast Group Communications

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This project proposes a set of novel algorithms called rectangle routing for dynamic and efficient multicast/anycast routing and group communication in peer-to-peer (P2) mesh overlay networks. By constructing the members into clusters and selecting the optimal cores for each cluster, the cores are grouped into an anycast group. A peer may send its multicast message to a core in an anycast group using anycast routing and the core will fully utilize the mesh overlay rectangle coordination to identify the best path to all members to deliver the message. Thus, the algorithms do not rely on any multicast tree configurations. To attain such a dynamic, scalable, and efficient routing scheme, the project will investigate a set of algorithms targeting atcluster formation and selection of the local optimal cores to form an anycast group as an abstract “layer” for management of the local members;dynamic group management for members joining/leaving and core cooperation;establishment of dynamic rectangle routing paths to forward the multicast messages with effective resource utilization;end-to-end QoS analysis for multicast flows delivery and scalability; andprototype implementation in a P2P overlay network.


Project number7002102
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0730/01/09