Development of WiMAX Solution for Consumer Electronics

Project: Research

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WiMAX is becoming one of the hottest topics in the development of wireless technology. Current researches and developments mainly focus on the WiMAX base station technology which is expected to provide service in 2008 around the world. To cater for additional potential applications, the current development focuses on the development of solutions for WiMAX mobile devices.This project investigates the development of WiMAX solution for consumer electronics applications. The development will consist of: (i) a network model for the analysis and design of the mobile WiMAX system, (ii) the system hardware including the antenna and the integration of the chipsets, and (iii) the middleware incorporating the WiMAX programming platform based on the target mobile applications. It is expected that the successful development of the WiMAX solution will likely bring about valuable revenue for the Guangdong-Hong Kong industry.


Project number9440056
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/03/0731/12/08