Development of Testing Platforms and Standard Protocols for Performance, Nanoparticles Emission and Health Impact of Self-cleaning Nano-coating Textile Products

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The activities of the project include the design and demonstration of standard test platforms for the evaluation and potential certification of nano-coating fabrics toward technology transfer. The project will deliver a set of test systems and standard protocols including a nano-coating emission test chamber for stability test, nanoparticle performance test and safety test of nano-coating fabrics under simulated wear and use conditions for safe and complied end use. The delivered standards and test platforms will greatly shorten the test cycle for the design and development of effective, stable and safe nano-coating textile, which will facilitate the development of new nano-coating materials as well as knowledge trasfer. Also the platforms will potentially help strengthen the pillar industry of Testing and Certification in Hong Kong.


Project number9440097
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date18/07/1317/01/15