Development of Integrated Design of Solar Air-Conditioning System for Buildings

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This research proposal is to develop a novel solar air-conditioning system through effective integration of absorption refrigeration and desiccant cooling, which is primarily driven by solar thermal energy. From the preliminary study, it is found that the annual primary energy saving of the combination of absorption refrigeration and desiccant cooling can be 35% against the conventional electrical air-conditioning system. As such, if this hybrid system design can have better integration at the component level, the overall system performances would be further enhanced. In this proposal, a number of design strategies have been raised for integration purpose. Through dynamic simulation, the cooling and energy performances of the integrated absorption refrigeration and desiccant cooling system will be studied. The appropriate design and operation parameters of the integrated solar air-conditioning system will also be worked out for building use. The outcomes would be useful to attract government and external funding for system advancement.


Project number7002765
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/05/129/02/15