Development Of Environmental Friendly Multifunctional Protective Coating Based On Bionic Functional Interface

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The corrosion of materials in the marine environment causes great economic losses and safety problems, while eighty percent of market share in high-quality anticorrosion coatings are occupied by European and other foreign brands. Thus, the development of advanced anticorrosion coatings with environmental-friendliness is an indispensable consideration for sustainability. This project innovatively investigates the composition/structure-function mechanisms from natural functional surfaces. Then we develop bioinspired multifunctional protective coating systems that can exclude corrosive mediums and biofouling at the coating surface, adjust ions transportation and release protective agents within the coating layer, and show strong interfacial adhesion at the coating/metal interface. The as-proposed coating is expected to be implemented on boat and underwater devices. This research will also provide advanced basic theoretical and technical support to the current controlling of marine corrosion.


Project number9440260
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/12/2031/08/23