Development of Defect Monitoring Device for Tree Preservation

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Due to detrimental environmental conditions and parasitic invasions, defects could develop in tree structure, and result in unexpected fracture of trunk. Therefore, effective defects monitoring of standing trees is important to prevent catastrophic collapse. In this project, we plan to design a device for monitoring structural defects in tree trunk based on acoustic-laser technique and sonic tomography. The near surface crack in trunk would be monitored by the acoustic-laser part of the device, while the internal decay would be assessed by the sonic tomographic part. After that, the injured trees would be repaired by polymer material and reinforced by advanced composite materials. A computational model representing the composite materials reinforced system would be developed to determine the optimized size of the composite, and tree pulling test would be used to monitor if the mechanical strength of deteriorated trees would be enhanced after the composite applications. The repair progress under composite materials would be monitored by the device, which would validate the device functionality. Therefore, the defects monitoring device could be used to identify changes in tree structure before irreversible decline occurs, and would be well suited to site inspection, and thus the technology could benefit tree preservations in Hong Kong.


Project number9440143
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/02/1631/10/17