Development of Bismuth-Based Photocatalyst Panel for Hydrogen Production from Water Splitting Driven by Sunlight

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Photocatalytic water splitting is one of the simplest methods to generate solar hydrogen (i.e. green hydrogen). In this project, we present a novel and compact standalone photocatalyst panel for solar hydrogen evolution from splitting water. Bismuth-based photocatalysts powder developed by the project coordinator would be immobilized within a stainless-steel panel with a transparent window for receiving incident sunlight. A thin layer of water will be filled within the photocatalyst panel for photocatalytic hydrogen generation. This clean hydrogen produced from a combination of sunlight and water will be connected to a commercial fuel cell for hydrogen-to-electricity conversion examination. A successful development of this system will have considerable impact to inform the CityU and Hong Kong general community on the feasibility of green hydrogen technology. Coupling with fuel cell, it offers an attractive option in green hydrogen production for decentralized applications, and promotes public awareness of feasibility of hydrogen society.


Project number7020022
Grant typeSIRG
Effective start/end date30/06/21 → …