Development of Automatic Biological Cell Manipulation System

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There has been increasing demand for high efficient manipulation of micro-scale biological materials due to the explosion of genetic discoveries in the recent years. With the advent of systems biology, the need for testing genetic materials far exceeds the biological community's current capability. One of the obstacles is the current lack of high through-put technology platform to introduce genetic materials into whole organisms. Microinjection of microliters of genetic materials into fish embryo is a standard procedure used to test the functions of the introduced genetic materials on the survival and development of embryos. Currently, this complicated and highly precise process is being done manually by trained personnel, with a low success rate. This project aims to develop a robotic bio-manipulation system for automatic batch production of inserting genetic materials into embryos. The work will be carried out in three aspects:development of the robotic cell-injection workstation prototype;design of automation strategy for batch manipulations of cells; anddesign and application of the hybrid position (vision) and force controls for cell injection process.This proposed work establishes an important collaboration between engineering areas of robotics, automation, controls, MEMS and biological science areas of gene expression analysis and developmental toxicity in embryos. Success of this project will lay the foundation of the rapid growth of high-quality and affordable automatic bio-manipulation industry.


Project number9440066
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/10/0831/01/10