Development of an Online Fault Diagnosis and Control Optimization Package for VAV Systems of High-rise Commercial Buildings in Hong Kong - RMGS

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The real site survey finds the variable air volume (VAV) terminals in high-rise commercial buildings commonly suffer from various faults in practice. Unfortunately, very few existing fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) method is suitable for practical online applications due to two main obstacles. First, the complete VAV terminal operation data required for FDD are not always available. Second, the heavy computation load caused by the large number of VAV terminals prevents the online applications. To solve the fault-caused problems, this project therefore develops an online fault diagnosis and control optimization package for generic applications in high-rise commercial buildings of Hong Kong. The study outputs of the project will solve the long-standing practical problem of VAV terminal online FDD. Using the developed package, the performance of VAV systems in high-rise commercial buildings of Hong Kong can be systematically improved in terms of energy efficiency, indoor thermal comfort and system operation stability. 


Project number9229056
Grant typeDON_RMG
Effective start/end date1/02/21 → …