Development of an Interactive Information Archive on Architecture, Building and Civil Technology to Support Teaching and Learning

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The teaching and learning of construction technology and the related subjects is difficult under the classroom setting. Construction technology involves both building and civil works with a wide range of associated topics. Besides basic principles, there are a lot of practicalities behind such real-life and frontline operations carried out under nasty environment in construction sites. Capitalizing on the past 20 years of experience of the PI, Mr Raymond Wong, this study aims to establish an interactive information archive on architecture, building and civil technology to support teaching and learning, and to provide stimulus for onward delivery of discovery enriched curriculum, both for associate degree and degree students. The archive system will contain some useful and unique elements. First, series of systematically categorized photo images that explain actual site work operations, representative project cases and other major construction topics prepared with the help of construction practitioners. Second, a concise summary notes for each category of inf01mation package or topic. Third, an interactive web-base portal that facilitates the storage, retrieval and communication between user groups including teachers, students, PALSI and other volunteer helpers (mainly past graduates and external professional mentors).


Project number6000368
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/02/128/05/14