Development of an Intelligent Gait Training Robot for Hemiplegic Rehabilitation

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Stroke is a series disease that causes more than 3,000 death in Hong Kong every year. This number will increase predictably with the coming of the aging society. Moreover, approximate 70% survivals are subjected to hemiplegia, which causes great inconvenience to the patient in daily life. Generally, the rehabilitation of the patient should be implemented with the guidance of a professional therapists. Considering the large number of the patients and the long rehabilitation process, the therapists always have a weight working load and the rehabilitation efficiency is low. This project aims to develop a novel intelligent robot for the lower extremity rehabilitation of hemiplegia patient. The advantage lies on the robot can collect and analyze the lower extremity motion of the patient by developing a sensing system. With the established rehabilitation model, the robot can exactly simulate the action of the therapists intelligently, thereby to help the patient clinically. The successful implementation of this project will deliver an intelligent gait training robot, named GTR-1, which will benefit the rehabilitation of hemiplegia patient clinically. It could also provide greatly support for the coming aging society.


Project number9440144
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/12/1530/11/17