Development of an Enhanced Cell Sorter

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Sorting and isolation of specific target cells from a mixed population is an important process in many cell-based biomedical applications. The objective of this proposed project is to develop a novel prototype tool that can be effectively used for cell sorting and isolation, achieved by integration of technologies in robotics manipulation, laser application, microfluidic chip and image processing.A robot-aided laser-microfluidic combined tool will be developed for cell harvesting and sorting. Image processing technology will be developed to detect the target cells based on cell features such as size and labelled fluorescence. The microfluidic chip will be designed and fabricated, with an investigation of fluid flow behavior inside the micro-channel. The developed prototype will be testified on isolating live cells to demonstrate its effectiveness.No method to isolate a pure sample reliably from a small sample of primary tissue without expansion currently exists. The significance ofthis project lies in a successful invention of an active cell sorter, exhibiting advantages of high purity and recover rate. The project outcome will have great impacts to flow cytometry.


Project number9440081
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/11/1130/04/13