Development of a New Class of Neutral Rhodium(I) Complexes for Chemosensory Applications

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The proposed project focus on the design and synthesis of a new class of neutral diisocyano rhodium(I) complexes with anionic bidentate ligands. The synthetic routes for this new class of complexes have been developed in our preliminary experiments. Preliminary result showed that this class of complexes display interesting photophysical, thermochromic and aggregation properties. Through systematic variation of the ligands, correlation of the aggregation properties and the subsequent photophysical properties of the aggregated complexes with the charge, structural, steric nature of the bidentate ligands will be made. Moreover, based on the characteristic aggregation properties and the subsequent changes in their photophysical properties associated with these Rh(I) complexes, optical chemosensors will also be designed and synthesized.


Project number7002594
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/05/1017/01/12