Development of a New Breed of Multiphase All-excitation Motor Drives for Electric Ship Propulsion

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The electric propulsion is regarded as the developing direction of ship advanced propulsion. Accordingly, the modem electric ship propulsion (ESP) systems are mainly classified into two strategies - the conventional shafting ESP where the flexible shaft connects drive motor with propeller, and the podded ESP where the drive motor is connected to propeller directly. Drive motors in two strategies can be designed as either indirect-drive motors or direct-drive motors. The direct-drive motor type has the distinct merits of high torque, high power density, high efficiency, high reliability, and wide speed range, are significant for the modem ESP development. However, few of research works are explored on this special type of direct- drive motors for ESP. Thus, the purpose of this proposal is to develop a new breed of multiphase stator-rotor all-excitation (SRAE) motor drives for direct-drive ESP.


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